Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not yet but 10 days!

Hubby will be home in 10 days. Which is funny considering I said that he *could* be home in 10 days (that's the advance party and they got back on Saturday). In any event, I've been away because I *gasp* haven't been knitting...Ok so that's not entirely true, but I've nothing to show for it. My Seeded Cables Cardigan is off being seamed up and the sock I'm working on is about to be ripped for the 3rd time and I haven't been taking pictures of the st-st shawl I've been half assing. And by half assing I mean a row or two before I put it don't and wander off elsewhere.

But then, I'm almost caught up on school-I'm currently on Spring Break. I've done no knitting (or studying-must get on that) but tonight is knit night so perhaps... Also, I've been doing a ton of sewing. OH! And I finally got my Asian Themed quilt (and my Asian I do mean the fabric has cherry blossoms on it) from the quilt shop, take a look:


But the back is by far my favorite because of the color!
Isn't it gorgeous?! I also finished an adorable apron:

And am almost done with my first needle roll. :) And check out what I scored for $188 (pre-taxhike) from an antique store in AMAZING condition:
(the chair not the cat...he cost more)

So hopefully I'll have more to show you soon when I stop being lazy(ha ha ha) and and get my butt in gear.

Woooo! 10 days!


Hattie said...

The quilt is awesome!