Sunday, August 17, 2008

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So I've been gone from the web for forever due to a reaction I had to some new medicine Wednesday night. The hi-light of the week was myself getting taken to the ER by my mom because my heart rate was 124bpm (it should be 80-100) and I was greatly dehydrated. Fun. 2 bags of fluids and blood work later I went home with my parents and crashed at their place. I'm doing better don't worry, though I'm still tired I feel like I can do stuff. The doc in the ER said the medication should be almost out of my system by now so here's hoping. :)

So basically I sat around on my couch since wednesday watching TV (I love cable) and getting nothing done. So nothing new on the knitting front. I'll take care, don't worry and I hope everyone else is doing well.


AlanaMarie said...
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AlanaMarie said...

thats scary, i hope you get to feeling better quick, medicine reactions suck i had one a week ago due to some sleeping pills. i really hope you get to feeling better! and yay for cable!

(edited because i cannot spell)