Saturday, April 19, 2008

Military Rant (and some fould language-sory)

May I just bitch for like, 2 seconds on the idiocy of LCpl's and stupid military wives?

Mind you I've met some nice and intelligent military wives. Some, not so much. While our husbands were out in the field this past week (and they didn't do anything on sat or sun but had to stay out there) some wife called up the platoon's FIRST SARGENT and BITCHED HIM OUT for not letting the guys come home since they were not doing anything on those two days and how she had not seen her husband in 3 weeks. (I'd like to point out that I have seen my husband prior to the field work so it's not the the marine Corps fault she has not seen her husband).....(head smack) So now, the guys are not allowed to bring their cell phones out to the field anymore thanks to the stupid bitch. It was hard enough not seeing him and now she cuts off my communication with him? Whom ever she is she had better hope I don't find out. I am *pissed*.

And the stupid LCpl (Lance-Corporals-3rd rank in the enlisted world for you non-military folk). Most of them are 18 year old high school grads who think they are hot shit because "They've played in the sand box"...because oyu know, being in Iraq really shows your contribution to the world. And let's be honest, in society today, aside from getting "a quick piece of ass" it's not necessarily something you'd want to *brag* about. Now if you went to Iraq, saved a bunch of people, ok then THERE are your bragging rights. But these little boys who play the "My dick is bigger than yours woo hoo!" games are little annoying fuck-tards (pardon my language it's a heated topic) piss me the fuck off. And these are the fucking idiots who give my husband hard times because he has a college degree.... What because he has a higher education? That he has contributed to society in a Positive way? That he doesn't screw around (literally and figuratively I suppose)? God forbid he be a DECENT human being.



Kathryn said...

OMG, I thoroughly enjoyed your rant.

Both my husband and I were in the Army in the 1980's. I still remember having to council a young soldier that, yes the bank gave you paper checks but no, unless there is money in the account, you can't write on them and give them to a store.

I hope your husband gets his cell phone back soon.

AlanaMarie said...

ah the joys of being a Military Wife. some bitches are just stupid. i am sorry you had to experience one. i hope other than that your loving life. i love japan i am adjusting quite well. to me it doesnt seem all that different.