Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Knitting for a year

So on April 1st I have been knitting for a year. Neat huh? Although lately, not much knitting has been going on. It's been attack of the creepy crawly's, moping from missing the hubby (gone for 8 days), and quilting. I did manage to finish my first pair of Wollmeise socks in Cookie A's Monkey pattern (even on effing size 0's dps they are *still* too big). I was worried that they wouldn't stripe beautifully the second sock around but *sigh* gorgeous. Where did I get this lovely yarn you ask? From Pquetsch as a gift because the woman is simply amazing (nod nod).


And this is what else I've done this past week:

The Strawberry Quilt!!!! I love strawberries! They are my "thing" along with fairy's. :) I was sooo freaking happy to get all the blocks done. All that is left to do is sew the borders and then take it to the quilt shop and have one of the guys quilt it for me. :)


So happy...


Brena said...

I love strawberries too! I think it stems from an intense Strawberry Shortcake obsession in my younger years. Your blocks look really straight, very impressive!

I think I need another pair of Monkeys because every pair I see is fabulous!