Friday, March 28, 2008

Well some things at least have been getting done

Hello! Here at Casa de Tabor things have been rather hectic this past week. Lots of cleaning and re-cleaning as Matthew brings home is junk from the field and messes up the place. Alas. :)

I started another pair of monkey socks this time in Wollmeise-the colorway being Suzanne that my friend pquetsch sent me from a blog contest. The picture doesn't really do the color justice but once I finish both (I'm halfway through the 1st) Ill make sure to show them off in grand style.

And speaking of Wollmeise, Sheri from The Loopy Ewe sent me a skein of Krauterbeet For being the 1500th post on :) The woman is beyond Generous so go buy yarn from her. She rocks.
It was on my wish list on her website and that was the one she sent me! The purple and green is gorgeous!

And then because I'm a sucker and such I plunked down $60.00 for a skein of chasmere from Noro that i'll make a scarf out of...Never you mind that we are out of scarf weather. Sigh. but it's pretty.

There isn't great lighting right now in the apartment so all the pictures are less than desirable. But I'm sure I'll manage. Have a great day!


Brena said...

I love the Monkeys! They make me want to knit another pair.

Pat said...

I want that yarn back. Those socks are beautiful. I can't wait to use mine.