Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling the Blah's

I've done some knitting. But not a whole lot. I have pictures to share, but I've not up-loaded them from my camera and edited them. Matthew and I were supposed to go on a Marriage Retreat via the marines but we got DENIED because it was FULL-he turned it in to late. Never mind the fact that they wouldn't let him turn in the info all last week and when he'd manage to GET to the freaking office, NO ONE WAS THERE!!!! So we don't get to go and we are probably one of the ones who actually need it. There are a few nice people in the military but honest to god, the f-ing assholes out number them.

I've knit one sock in plain st-st and am just so underwhelmed about doing the 2nd one. My secret of the stole still needs me to rip back 8 rows but I can't really face that right now. I've had no movotiation to do anything creative lately and it's bumming me out.

And his stupid cat just horked up two hairballs on my *$#^%(&^@* white carpet.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alexis, I'm so sorry your week is going badly : ( I hope that things take a positive turn for you soon. Sometimes it helps to have a rant! I'll be sending you good vibes!

- Denise

Miri said...

Save the st st sock as an "idiot project" for times when you want to knit without paying attention. Start a new and exciting sock with an interesting pattern in a yummy yarn. Feel the sock-y goodness relaxing you. Sadly, jerks exist outside the military, too, though the uniform does really bring 'em out ;)

shadowmisstress said...

So where are you livin' now???