Friday, August 10, 2007

Quick Update

Here I am at the Public Library in Little Town USA, since I can't get any connection from my laptop. That does mean that I can't update with pictures but I can tell you what's been going on.

Matthew left on Tuesday and the only thing keeping me sane is Lime and Violet's podcast. I knitted a pair of socks on the train (just st-st stitch) and I'm working on my bolero and baby blanket now. I'm just trying to relax and de-stress which will be so helped by Stitches Midwest!!! We are leaving tomorrow for a 4 hour drive and are spending the night up north. I've never been before and I'm super excited.

I'd go on but my allotted time is up so off I must go. Have a lovely day, and I'll have to post more later!