Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quilt Run

Quilt Run= No Knitting.

Well, ok, so I did some knitting, about 4-8 rows on my MIL to be's socks, but that was since Thursday. I have however visited 14 stores in 10 hours over a span of 350 miles (Thursday) 6 stores in 4 hours 70 miles (Friday) and today I went to 3 stores but they were pretty far and I had work at 3pm. Tomorrow I'm volunteering at my local quilt shop since I won't have time to run to the farther off shops. I'll have to save those for next Thursday. Bleh. But I've gotten a ton of charms for a charm bracelet and fabric galore. Lovely. I wish there was a yarn store equivalent in So. Cal.

I am, however the lucky recipient of a Ravelry invite. Be envious. It's ok, I was too.