Monday, July 30, 2007

Catching up

My room is a mess (so is the rest of the house consequently), I've hardly knitted anything, I have to shop for furniture/clothing/and knit stuff before Monday the 6th, I leave for a month out of town (on a train!!!) on the 6th and Matthew leaves for MCRD (hell...) on Tuesday the 7th and I'm just not sure how it fit it all in.

Well we got back from our honeymoon (no knitting was accomplished-though I had good intentions and brought my bag) and the very next day I had work at 10am. Odd since normally we only have shows on the weekends. After work, Matthew and I watched HP movie 1 and generally slacked off. I got a wild idea to paint my room (everything had to go since our queen sized bed was moving from his place to mine) so late wednesday night I started taking everything out of the room. Thursday we painted ( I managed a few rows of knitting) Friday we painted some more (I knitted a bit more too) and Saturday we moved in the bed. Once everything is said and done, I'll share pictures but as of the moment, it's all a mess.

So thanks to the Ravelry Forum boards I got a lovely list of Podcasts to check out and currently I'm listening to Stash and Burn. My only issue is that I can't download them all and listen. Once I DL something the next one I DL replaces the previous one. Any suggestions? I'd love to have the full list of that one and a few others to take on the train with me rather than only one for the 3 day trip. Boo.

So the Cable Trim Pullover (Alpaca Sweater) has been shipped off. I dropped it off to see if I could have someone else make it up. I love the look and want to wear it, but I'm sick sick sick of making it and it looms over my head. I couldn't enjoy starting a new project with it siting there. So off it's gone and I'm currently working on a bolero in Rowan Calmer (i think). I'll have to give you more info later but my brain is sleepy which is usually my cue to head for bed.

P.S. I'm buying more sock yarn tomorrow. I'm really excited.