Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where TIme Drags on

I've not too much going on in my life, it's all sort of fallen into a rut. Get up go to school, com home, do homework (knit night if I'm lucky), go to bed, Get up and so forth ending the week with work and then starting all over again.

School has been kicking my arse and I'm sad to say I'm still not nearly caught up in some classes. 9 books for one class if that's any indication for you. There has been a little bit of knitting on the Seeded Cables Cardigan (I've finished the back and front left part) and a pair of st-st socks, as well as a quick knit beanie. I'm at school however so I can't do much more than show you the back of my Cardigan and I will hopefully get a reprieve soon: