Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stash Busting!

So! I have decided to stash bust some sock yarn so that i can pare down the sock heard and *ahem* buy more. :D Thus far, I am taking all my leftover skeins and knitting (loosely based on the Maison-Dixon book)a log cabin blanket-ish. I'll take some pictures shortly. Other than that I've not don emuch else, other than try to stay away from socks until summer since I joined The Summer of Socks 2008 (linky-linky) so that I can be all geared up for knitting socks, socks, socks. Oh, and socks. My goal in de-stashing is to get all my current partial skeins knitte dup and then I can buy 3 skeind from BMFA I'm thinking this one, this one, and this one to start! I especially love the last one. I'm thinking Monkeys out of them.

Eta: I just bought them. Hubby Said I could buy yarn. :D


Pat said...

Love that yarn!! You have good taste. I can't wait to see how the Log Cabin blanket comes out.